Getting Started

I'm dipping my toes into this whole marketing thing today. Getting all of the basic social media things setup along with a website. I'm getting the tweets tweeted, the instagrams grammed and the facebooks booked. 

Over the next few weeks some more progress should be seen with Birds On Wire development. I would like to get an early version out for people to test soon. The biggest thing I can say right now is that I'd like to get interest happening in the game and to get a little more communicative with the project.

I recommend signing up for the newsletter if you'd like to keep up with my progress and any announcements.

In actual development news, the game currently has a basic endless mode where you rack up points. I've gotten animations with the small birds completed, but its not enough of a game currently for people to really enjoy, despite how much I enjoy working on it. Before I can get an early version out there I need to get some basic levels and goals setup as well as make the challenge of the game more interesting and balanced.