Alpha 0.1 available!


Birds on Wire has been coming along very well these past few weeks and I've been slowly moving the game toward an early alpha version to demo. I want people to check the game out and give me some early feedback. Here are some notes if you choose to take a look at the alpha copy:

  • Currently there are 2 game modes available "Endless" and "10 Turns". Both are basically the same except 10 turns only lets you play for 10 turns, if you don't beat it in that time you lose.
  • Rounds end if you can get 5 or less birds on the wire. 

Everything is super early, so lots of textures are still missing and polish is sorely needed in a lot of spots, like UI. But I needed to put a stake in the ground at some point to start getting feedback. Take a look on itch and let me know what you think!